Cooking a whole meal might be a task if you do not follow a system. Certainly, you would find yourself struggling without the right cookware and measurements and will fail miserably even with a simple one-pot pasta recipe. For food enthusiasts, the look and feel of a dish is as important as its taste. So, if the pasta carbonara that you served warm from a casserole tastes like the ones that are served in the eateries in Rome, but it looks like a big mash of white on the plate, your guests might just become Gordon Ramsay then and there and set your kitchen on fire. So, here are a few tips and tricks using which you can create your cooking and serving experience easy, like snowboarding!

Tips and Tricks To Make Cooking and Serving a Smooth Task

1. Read Your Recipe

read your recipes

The first thing you should do before you start cooking is reading the recipe thoroughly before jumping into the MasterChef rendezvous. If you are cooking something for the first time, then you must follow each and every step without a miss. You might have to read the recipe 3-4 times even before you start cooking, so make sure that you start at least two days in advance to have enough time for a quick grocery run to get the things you do not have.

2. Keep Your Food Hot with Casseroles

keep your food hot with casseroles

When your Kerela Chicken Roast is ready, ensure that you transfer the same into a casserole so that it is warm, fresh and traps all the aroma inside until your guests arrive. Invest in sets of insulated casseroles, these serveware bowls will keep food hot and fresh while making your dining table pop!.

3. Use Small Bowls

use small bowls

New recipes or complicated recipes might be a task. So, the best thing that you can do is to use multiple small bowls and focus on organizing before you light up the stove or preheat your oven. Read the recipe and check the quantity of all the ingredients that you will be using. Place the ingredients in small bowls so that you can easily pick them up while you are cooking your grand meal. In this way, you might have a few extra bowls to wash, but it will completely nullify the possibility of missing a single ingredient.

4. Keep a Set of Fresh Crockery

fresh crockery

You might be someone who just loves to lick the spicy arrabbiata sauce straight from the pan, but when it comes to your guests, they might really like a plate or two. Since glass and ceramic plates are too fragile and might break if you drop them by mistake, make sure that you keep a set of fresh cutlery and plates reserved for hosting your guests every time!

5. Clean and Wipe Your Kitchen Top

clean and wipe your kitchen

If you want to feel great while cooking and not get lost in a big mess, then adopt a habit of cleaning your kitchen slab after every step and do away with the extra clutter. For example, if you have chopped some vegetables, just make an effort to clean all the vegetable peels before moving onto the next step. This habit will help you to keep your focus intact on what you are doing and will also offer you some extra working space!

6. Use a Chimney


Kitchen spaces can become full of smoke with all those spices and onions that you add. The smoke that is released from the pan and the stove can also cause difficulty for you to breathe. So, if you are someone who has to cook a lot and has frequent guests coming over, it is best to get a chimney so that all the smoke is sucked out straight out of your pan, and you can have a smooth experience while cooking! It will also save your ceiling from blackening due to all the smoke!

7. Make Use of Kitchen Products

kitchen products

On the one hand, there is cooking, and on the other hand, there is smart cooking. So, if you can find alternatives to manual methods, it can really change your entire perspective towards cooking. You can easily replace your whisk with an automatic hand blender; rather than chopping all your vegetables, you can buy a vegetable chopper. It will not only save you time but will also be less tiresome for you. So, start acquiring some smart kitchen products and step into a swift cooking experience!

8. Set Your Table in Advance

set your table

If you have guests coming over, and you have a few extra minutes in the middle of your cooking spree, then just start setting up the table. You can replace the table cover, use placemats and also add some coasters. Then start placing your serving dishes, plates and glasses. Make sure that you keep them upside down so that the guests can use fresh plates!

9. Keep Some Extra Salt & Pepper

salt and pepper

To elevate your dining experience, you must always keep an extra bottle of salt and pepper on your table so that people can adjust their plate at their convenience. The dining table is a place of creating memories and catching up on daily ups and downs, and it will be a hurdle to the overall experience if you have to run to your kitchen again and again just to grab a pinch of salt.

10. Make a Note of Taste Buds

note of taste buds

A lot of people do not like their food to be extra spicy, and some prefer extra chillis on their plates, and some might have specific allergies. So just to do away with a possibility of a bad experience, take note of your guests about their preferences.


These are a few tips that you can keep in mind for the next time you are about to start cooking. Using a good quality hot case and providing a beautiful dinner space can create a wholesome experience not just for you but for your guests as well. So, remember to do a quick go through with this article anytime you are about to grace your kitchen!