Nothing is as important as keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day. More so, if you are one of those, who love to add some extra cocoa to their hot chocolate to get a bitter after-taste. Then getting a small flask can help you curl up and watch a movie on a chilly winter evening. Stainless Steel Flasks can be an excellent addition for your daily usage. You can pour in your coffee, just the way you like it for your exam nights or some chilled litchi juice to get through the hot and humid summers. And if you are still using a plastic water bottle to carry all your drinks, then here are a few reasons that you should consider to switch to stainless steel flasks.

Reasons to Switch to a Sustainable Option

1. Maintains Temperature of Your Drink

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What can be as horrible as having tea that has gone cold on a Sunday picnic by the lake? Well, your chilled mango smoothie which lost its texture due to the heat outside. To cancel out these possibilities for your future outings, you should switch to a stainless steel thermos. They are insulated and will ensure that your drink maintains the temperature exactly how you would like to have it. So, you would always get your hot beverage ‘hot’ and cold beverage ‘cold’.

2. Eco-Friendly

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Stainless Steel Flasks are 100% eco friendly. Unlike plastic water bottles which are non-biodegradable and might take a thousand years or more to decompose. Reusing the same plastic water bottle has its harmful effects, whereas stainless steel water bottles can be recycled and used multiple times. These Stainless Steel Flasks take much lesser energy and resources to construct and deconstruct than plastic water bottles. 

3. Hygienic

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Stainless Steel Water bottles are incredibly hygienic as unlike plastic water bottles; they will not offer space to bacteria to grow inside the bottle lining. Stainless Steel is non-reactive and will be a much safer and hygienic option to use for everyone daily. After all, the covid-19 pandemic has taught us a fair amount regarding hygiene and cleanliness. 

4. Durable

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Plastic Water Bottles can crumble easily, even with very little pressure. If you start using a stainless steel water bottle, you will realise how sturdy and durable it is. It will not break easily even with the double or triple the force it takes to crumble a plastic water bottle, making it safe for work, adventure, or any activity that you indulge infrequently. Stainless Steel Flasks come with a shelf life of at least ten years at a stretch along with maintaining the best quality it can.  

5. Easy to Clean

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Plastic water bottles get a yellowish tinge if used repeatedly and start to leave a bad smell. Both of these aspects also mean that there is some reaction going on inside even with the water. Nevertheless, Stainless Steel Flasks are easy to clean and requires minimal effort. Just some hot water and soap will do the trick or a random home remedy. Bottle cleaning tablets are also available in the market, which you can use to clean your flask.

6. Won’t Retain Flavours

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Imagine, getting a mango drink in a plastic bottle and then once you finish it you wash it and keep it overnight to fill it with some coffee. What happens, next? Mango Coffee! Well, that sounds horrible. If you switch to a good quality stainless steel flask, you will never have the diverse taste from your last mango drink along with your morning coffee. No one wants to be more confused than what we are right now, let alone the drinks. 

7. Light Weight

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A big misconception about stainless steel water bottles is that they are heavier than the plastic water bottles. But truth be told, they weigh just as much as the other alternatives to water bottles. Stainless steel thermos often comes with a water bottle bag that you can carry all day long with no complaints. 

8. Great Designs for All

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Carrying your coffee on your way to work has become more of a style statement that a requirement. With that, people are becoming more and more aware of the current climate conditions, so it is a big sin if you walk with your plastic water bottle with your coffee inside. Opt for a stainless steel flask as they come in multiple pretty designs that will work nicely regardless of whether you are in school, college or working at a big multi-national company. Plain colours or princess prints and mickey mouse prints? You name it, and the market makes it available. 

9. BPA Free

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BPA refers to Bisphenol A, which is a chemical compound used in making plastic bottles. According to multiple studies, BPA attacks the endocrine system’s working and the reproductive system in humans and animals. Usage of BPA severely increases the risk of healthnissues. Whereas, Thermos Flasks are 100 % BPA free and will make sure that your health is never the point of compromise. 

10. They Come in Various Sizes

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The best thing about using an insulated flask is that you would start using it for everything else. Stainless Steel Flasks are available in varying sizes, serving all your purposes whether you are carrying ‘some’ coffee or ‘a lot’ of coffee. You can rest assured that you would have one flask for all the different kinds of beverages you want.

Final Words

Nothing makes the world happier than a person who decides to switch to a more sustainable option for using daily. Quitting single-use plastic will single-handedly protect you from all the chemical side effects that emerge from using plastic bottles for life. Stainless Steel Flask might come off as a significant one-time investment, but it will save you a lot more money than what you spend once, in the long run. An option that looks great is durable, keeps you healthy, protects the environment and above all protects your drink from going rancid – what can ever go wrong with a stainless steel water bottle. Go, get yours today!