For a couple, moving together in a new house is a special feeling. Curating a home takes time, patience and countless hours spent on Pinterest looking for the right design that will suit their style. After all that time, once the house is ready, family and friends are invited for a small get-together: housewarming. The basic idea of housewarming comes from medieval times, where each guest would bring a stack of firewood and light up all the house’s fireplaces. As per the custom, lighting up the fireplace by various people would remove all the evil energy that consumed the inhabited space and fill it with positive energy for the new residents. It is the same with a bit of change; the firewood is replaced with gifts. Read this article if you wish to know some of the simple yet extraordinary gifts you can get for the couple who are about to start their life in the new house! 

Best Housewarming Gifts That You Can Get for a Couple

1. Photo Frames

photo frames

A house is never complete if there are no photographs scattered around the house. You can surely get that couple a set of photo frames that they can use to put up their memories and pictures in different corners of the house. That is how we know Ed Sheeran was right when he said, “We keep this love in a photograph; we keep these memories for ourselves.” Choose from a wide variety of photo frames after getting a hint of their interiors!

2. Flower Vase

flower vase

Fresh lilacs and long-stemmed roses complement a bright white house like nothing else. Often in the middle of all the interior decorations, people forget to make space for the big bouquets of flowers that they will be receiving at the housewarming party. Since withering roses hurt, make sure to become the saviour and get a vase for them. A long-necked vase or a tiny one, anything that you feel would look great!

3. Painting


If you can get your artistic nerves running, take out the brushes and start creating some magic on a canvas. Wrap it up in a nice gifting paper and take it for the party. Or if you are not great with handling paintbrushes, get someone who can do it for you, a Van Gogh replica or just a hand-painted portrait of the couple. Take a step ahead with a customised gift loaded with emotions that will end up becoming a memory of a lifetime! 

4. Sets of Insulated Casserole


A Housewarming party is just the start for the couple towards the endless feasts and dinner parties they will be hosting in the upcoming days. One of the most important aspects of any dinner is the whole task of serving food, warm and fresh. So, if there are about six people, it is impossible to put everything inside the microwave repeatedly as it is a huge task and highly time-consuming. So, the easy way is to prepare the food and transfer it to an insulated casserole. Get them a couple of casseroles that they can use from time to time! 

5. Stainless Steel Jars

storage containers

Putting together the house is a work of perfection; every nook and corner of your home has to be absolutely flawless. The same goes for your kitchen, especially for an Indian household and the number of spices they have to keep and maintain. Rather than using plastic sets for keeping all the masalas, use a set of stainless steel jars. A great gift that is super durable, healthy and beautiful at the same time will be to get them something that they can use. What better than stainless steel jars and kitchen storage containers?

6. House NamePlate

name plate

Get a customised House NamePlate for the couple who have recently moved into the new apartment. If you are a close friend or just happen to know them better than everyone else, you would know what they like. It can be a rustic stone design or a floral design, or just a Naruto theme if they are anime fans. A house nameplate should exactly stand up to their vibe! 

7. Rug


We all love some comfortable rugs all around the floor. So, take some time and get a carpet that elevates the prettiness of the house. Rugs are available in all shapes and designs. Just make sure that you check the right places! 

8. Soy Wax Candles


Candles are supposed to add a tinge of light,  romance and positivity. If the couple is young and vibrant, then you can get them a set of fragrant candles that they can use to light up the rooms whenever they are about to have their dinner or just because they look aesthetic! You can also try and make them using some soy wax and paraffin, add some coffee beans, or some jasmine or just lemongrass. Do not forget to write a small note when you pack them! 

9. Cookbook


The couple that cooks together goes a long way with a happy life. Help them jazz up their nights in their new apartment with a cookbook! You can also select from the cuisines that they happen to enjoy. An Italian cookbook full of kinds of pasta and risotto or an Indian cookbook with butter chicken and parathas can be the right pick! 

10. Laughing Buddha


Tiny showpieces of Laughing Buddhas are a reminder of the happiness and an eccentric lifestyle. The laughing buddha will find its place in the house and will add to the positive energy that the housewarming party is for! You can also choose to gift a set of 12 different kinds of laughing buddhas’ and help your couple to create a corner for them! It serves multiple purposes at the same time- decoration, positivity and a collection!

Final Statement

Your gift should be something that adds to their life as well as their new house. Ensure that you are wise, and spend some time and pick the right choice for them as a gift for the housewarming party!