Father’s day is just around the corner, and the stores are bustling with fathers day merch. Although a single gift cannot justify your bond with your father, it is still a sweet gesture to make your hero feel special. A watch, tracker or a smart water bottle, if you have been wondering what to give your father, then here is a list of 10 fathers day gifts that you can get!

10 Things That You Can Gift Your Father

1. Watch


Fathers have played a vital role in our lives, and more so when it comes to teaching us the value of punctuality. Starting from getting us ready for school to getting us a Christmas present, they have always managed to do everything right on time. If you have been praised by your peers for doing the right thing at the right time, then you know whom to thank. Get your father a sleek and stylish watch, and let him know that you honour him for everything he has done for you!  

2. Dinner


The life that we lead has been without any breaks, and it is painful that we cannot make time for our loved ones anymore. As kids, all meals were always shared, and that used to be the time when the entire family would catch up on everything. If you are someone who is caught up with things most of the time or lives far away, then just surprise your dad on his doorstep and take him out for dinner!  

3. Vacation


Do you remember all those late-night drives that you took with your father just to get some ice cream? Weren’t the days when he took you out for some hot soup on a cold evening? Your trip to the mountains where you did a zipline for the first time? If you have been missing those childhood excursions that you took with your father, then just call him on fathers day and ask him to pack his bags for a week-long vacation! 

4. Flask


If your father is a tea lover or just cannot think about his day without 3 cups of coffee, you can get him a flask. It will make your father’s task of making coffee three times a little easier; all he has to do is make it once and keep it in a flask. Preheating the same old tea or coffee can gradually make it bitter, but if stored in a flask, the temperature will be constant for at least 12 hours and in turn, the beverage will be as fresh.

5. Insulated Water Bottle

water bottle

Fathers are brilliant, and they know how important it is to keep themselves hydrated, and there is a good chance that they are drinking more water than you usually do in a day. It is also a hint for you to pick up your water bottle and drink. So, you can get him an insulated water bottle that he can use daily. On warmer days, the bottle will keep the water cold and on comparatively chilly days, it will maintain the lukewarm temperature. 

6. Tie


This gift can come off as a cliche, but some things never change. If your father has been your idol who has always been working day in and day out for you, then you must remember him wearing a tie. Or if your father has a great tie collection, then maybe just add one to the collection? 

7. Kitchen Item and a Cookbook


For a lot of us, our fathers have been in charge of the kitchen. If your father is the best home chef you know, just add him up on his skills. Gift him a lovely cookbook from his favourite cuisine so that he is doing what he really really loves. You can also give him a soup bowl, a new oven or just a new pan that he can use. If you want to make it more personalised then, you can also get his initials stamped on the pan or a spatula. 

8. Shirt


If you are running late on schedule but really want to make this fathers day special, then you can choose to make a quick run to the mall and pick up a shirt for him from his favourite brand. Nothing makes up for a good hearty meal, so just pack some takeaway Chinese from a restaurant and go to meet him. Spend some time with your father as at the end that is what exactly matters. 

9. Bluetooth Speakers

bluetooth speakers

The 70s and 80s, music has always influenced our parents. There is a great possibility that your father has some memories etched to that time and the music. You must have seen your father being in awe of ‘do lafzon ki hai, dil ki kahani’ or maybe a tune from the great Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi, then this is your catch. You can get him a set of good quality Bluetooth speakers so that he is always in touch with music. You can also try to get some special merchandise from his favourite musicians and make him really happy! 

10. Book


If you remember your father telling you a lot of stories and, most importantly, bedtime stories, then there is a good chance that your father has always been a bookworm. There is always a fulfilling conversation that kids can have with their fathers, which ranges from politics to literature to food and so on. So, just go a little back in time, or take some help from your mother to enquire about his favourite author, and get him a book!


You can take some reference from this list and get something special for your father. However, there are many options if you start hunting for a gift in time. But remember that nothing will help you choose a gift more than what you know about him. Lastly, more than the gifts, make sure that you spend some time with your hero this fathers day, even if it is just with a cup of Darjeeling tea!