Nothing beats the warmth of a lunch box packed with home-cooked food. Different cultures and diverse tastes have ensured that every country across the world has its own unique way of handling and packing a lunch box. Join us as we go on a culinary trip across different countries and dive deep into their lunchbox offerings!

Bento Box

Bento Box 1 copy

Japan’s Bento Box is popular not just in Japan, but also throughout the world. “Bento” refers to a snack packed in a partitioned box that is eaten outside. Bento boxes have always been prepared at home but they are now sold all over Japan as tiffin boxes. The food packed in a Bento Box is cut and sliced so that it’s easy to eat with chopsticks. Traditional bento boxes are usually wrapped in a piece of cloth that keeps the box warm. White rice, meat and pickled vegetables are usually packed into a Bento Box.


Dosirak 2 copy

Korea’s Dosirak is a cousin to Japan’s Bento Box. Dosiraks are usually made of plastic or wood and can or need not have compartments. Meat, vegetables, rice, and other side items like gochujang (a fermented, red chile condiment), dried seaweed are usually packed into this Korean lunch box


Baon copy

Baon are lunches packed in containers traditionally eaten by school-going children in the Philippines. Traditional dishes like pork adobo and boiled rice with buttered or boiled vegetables, fried fish, beef tapa and meat omelette are generally packed into these lunch boxes


Schiscetta 2 copy

“Schiscetta” comes from the verb “schiacciare”, which means to press or pack together. The Schiscetta or lunch box from Italy has undergone an image makeover. What was once meant for people who couldn’t afford to buy lunch outside, Schiscetta today is a rage in Italy. These lunch boxes are generally packed with pasta, rice, meat and veggies.

Indian Tiffin Box

Indian Tiffin 1 copy

Delicious home-cooked food like curries, dhal, rice and rotis are packed into stackable, cylindrical containers that make The Indian tiffin Box. For decades now, the bulky Indian Tiffin boxes have remained more or less the same, with barely any improvisations in functionality and design. With India’s growing weight in the world scene, the time is now ripe for an innovation in the way Indian’s pack and carry their food.

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