Lunchboxes are a crucial part of our lives, aren’t they? Whether you have kids who love eating food from colorful lunch boxes that make their favorite cartoon characters come alive. Or you are bored with your old tiffin box you religiously carry each day to work, there are plenty of reasons to ditch your old lunch box and opt for a new one. You might even have been tired of that same old food joint or canteen you eat at every day, so why not carry a warm homemade lunch to work in an amazing lunch box?

Here are the top 5 signs you need to buy a good lunch box

  1. Embrace new technology: If you or your kids have been carrying the same old lunch box for ages, know that a lot has changed when it comes to tiffin boxes. New technology has completely re-engineered lunch boxes. With insulated lunchboxes available online and in markets, food stays hot and fresh for a long time.
  2. You crave a trendy design: Newer designs with amazing graphics, patterns and finishes have hit the shelves and a trendy new lunch box will be an instant attention grabber. Gone are the days when stainless-steel lunch boxes were just boring dabbas in plain colors. For instance,Vaya Tyffyn, an insulated lunch box comes in exemplary patterns and vibrant colors, that choosing just one will be the biggest issue!
  3. Food that’s not as fresh and hot: Your lunch box will show several signs when it is ready to be retired. Have you been noticing that your food doesn’t remain as hot and fresh any longer since a number of days? Does your food sometimes have that funny smell of old plastic? Well, these are clear signals for you to ditch your old tiffin box and get a new one immediately.
  4. Time for change: An ideal lunch box should invoke hunger and be as inviting as the biryani that was made the very morning! If your lunch box prompts you to skip lunch instead and eat someplace else, it might be time to change and get a new tiffin.
  5. Leaking food: If your old lunch box has been leaking often, you know it’s time to buy a new one. Many newer lunch boxes have smart layouts with earmarked compartments for specific food types. Some are in fact designed to be leak-resistant.

Lunches or your mid-day meals matter the most! Shop online for a lunchbox today! Look for a smart and functional lunchbox, one that would inspire you to carry a healthy home-cooked meal every day!