This the season of giving and receiving gifts. Everybody loves presents, but the extra touch goes the mile. What is this extra touch, you ask? Well, a gift based on what the receiver likes, of course. Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, especially for loved ones who have specific tastes.

If a family member or a close friend is a coffee fanatic, you have a whole range of options. Fancy a tumbler? You could look for an insulated tumbler, a tumbler glass that will keep beverages hot or cold for hours. Looking for a journal, you can always find a personalized journal, one that your loved ones would adore! If you are looking for a thoughtful and splendid present for the wellness enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place.

10 Gifts for the Wellness Enthusiasts

The gift market for health enthusiasts has come a long way. From a witty hallmark card with money or a paltry subscription to newsletters and health-centric magazines, there are endless choices.

Here are ten gifts that are perfect for people passionate about health and wellness.

1. Food Juicer

A food juicer is an excellent gift for someone who is very conscious of what they put in their body. This culinary tool is hailed as a lifesaver by health fanatics. Juicers can be used to accommodate detox and liquid diets. If you are looking for the best juicer in the market, you should be ready to splurge a little. The quality of your juicer depends on how much you spend on it.

2. Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is yet another culinary tool that is a splendid present for wellness enthusiasts. The machine, as the name suggests, removes moisture from food items and dries it up. You can make a variety of healthy snacks and goodies. With a dehydrator, you can make jerky, candy from fresh fruits, and chips or crisps from fruits and veggies, etc. A food dehydrator helps you indulge in your favorite snacks without having to watch your calories.

3. Wellness Journal

A wellness journal is a perfect gift for a wellness enthusiast to track and jot down their journey. There are many journals that you can gift to your health-driven loved ones. Journals can be used to track eating habits, exercise routines, doctor’s appointments, health goals, and more. Keeping a journal is a healthy habit in itself. It is a habit that nurtures discipline, concentration, and acts as a meditative antidote to a turbulent mind. There are many types of journals that you can purchase – dotted, grids, lined, blank. Choose one that works best for the receiver.

4. Foam Mat

A health nut is always in pursuit of a perfect mat to perform Pilates and full-body exercises. You should get the wellness enthusiast in your life a marvelous foam mat. The perfect foam mat is notoriously hard to acquire, so make sure you research the kind of mat you buy. Try and get your hands on the best foam mat available in the market. Instead of skimping, get the choicest EVA foam mat for your exercises. The price will be well worth the payoff.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy is the hot new craze of the season. It is a holistic treatment for healing and uses herbal extracts to improve the body, mind, and soul. An essential oil diffuser dispenses these herbal extract oils to improve respiration, soothe the mind, and help you prepare for meditation. There are innumerable benefits to an essential oil diffuser. It is a great gift to give your health-driven friend this festive season.

6. Noise-Canceling Sleeping Earbuds

Noise-canceling sleeping earbuds is manna for people who have a disturbed sleeping schedule. Sleeping earbuds are as good, if not better than a white-noise machine. These special buds are perfect for someone looking to develop healthy sleeping habits. You can even purchase a set for yourself to help you drift off to sleep better. A proper sleep schedule will positively affect your energies and help you get the best of your body.

7. Stainless Steel Tumbler

You can get a boring old tumbler from anywhere, but a stainless-steel insulated tumbler will make a unique gift for your loved ones. Proper hydration is an exceptionally important part of our daily lives. If you or a close relative is looking to maintain a healthy and fruitful life, drinking adequate water is an absolute must. Get a BPA-free  stainless steel tumbler from the best in the market. For added benefits, you can get an insulated tumbler or one that comes with a reusable straw.

8. Comfy Seat for Meditation

A meditation cushion is perfect for wellness enthusiasts who want to work on both their minds and their souls. Get a comfortable cushy seat for your health-conscious friend or family member. They can focus all their positive energies and vibes on improving their minds and souls while reposing on the meditation cushion.

9. Full Body Moisturizing Kit

You must take intense care of your skin just the way you would your body. There are innumerable moisturizing kits available in the market. Look for a kit that will offer protection to your face, body and special areas like your eye and lips. The best full-body moisturizing kits can be pricey. However, if you can afford to, you should allow yourself to splurge and indulge in nothing but the greatest. You should purchase moisturizers based on the skin type you or your receiver have, as it will affect the outcome.

10. Bath Bombs and Candles

A bath bomb and a scented candle is the best combination present for health and fitness enthusiasts. These two items are great for a perfect finish to a long day. Simply light some scented candles and pop a magical bath bomb into your tub, and you’ll feel like a million bucks. You can find some fantastic places that sell bath bombs and scented candles both online and in physical stores.


The festive season is perfect for letting your loved ones know that you care for them. You can get different gifts from the list above and surprise them this New Year!