Choosing a lunchbox is one of the most important decisions you can make to improve the quality of your lunch. The type of lunchbox a person chooses says so much about their personality. Your lunchbox incorporates your personal style and aesthetic. This is not ridiculous because you know the guy with the vintage Tin Tin collectible lunch box to be the hippest person you’ve ever seen.

Why not a plastic lunchbox?

It also determines what kind of food you can eat, someone whose lunch box is just a piece of plastic box is not going to be carrying a steaming hot curry or rice anytime soon.  All a plastic lunch box is good for is carting around a few carrots or slices of fruit. And even then, you can’t be sure of the safety when it comes to plastic because leaching of chemical compounds is a possibility!

Why a tiered lunchbox

There are two types of lunchboxes: one for snacks and one that goes for meals. If you just need to bring your favorite nuts along with your salad and apple slices to work, all you really need is one lunchbox. But if you’re serious about enjoying your lunch and eating an actual meal during your break, then you need to invest in a real tiered lunch box.

That’s where a tiered lunch box comes into play. A tiered lunch box is a stackable lunchbox. It typically is 2-4 smaller lunch containers stacked on top of one another.

The real benefit of a tiered lunch box however, is that it lets you compartmentalize your lunch. You can easily separate different dishes into different compartments and easily cart them around with you for lunch. You can pack your curry in one tier, pick some fresh roti, naan or rice in another, and a salad or even a dessert in the last tier.

That’s an entire meal contained in one simple compact lunchbox, except your meal doesn’t become an absolute mess while being transported. When you don’t have a tiered lunchbox, your lunches could be a mess; your food could be either less fresh or less organized, and could be just not what you want when you’re trying to sit down to eat.

A tiered lunchbox is also best to be carried. Your lunch is all sorted and you don’t have to keep looking for various boxes while you are packing. Also, a lunchbox set typically looks aesthetically pleasing, when compared to various boxes carried together.

When it comes to carrying your lunch, there are a lot of things that matter – how wholesome and nutritious your meal is, how balanced and fiber rich it is and most importantly how safely you can transport everything you cook on an average work day to your work place. Choose your lunchbox with care like you would choose your meal of the day! Shop Vaya insulated lunchbox online today and enjoy a happy meal everyday!