It’s important to stand up for the planet, not just on Earth Day but on every single day of the year! The harmful effects of plastics have been widely recognized around the world. For one, plastics can disturb the balance of hormones in human body. Furthermore, they can clog water streams and litter critical marine environments. But how do you exactly go about eliminating plastics from your daily life?

  1. Plastic-free kitchen: It all begins with a plastic-free kitchen. Stop purchasing plastic bottles, lunchboxes, jars and containers and use sustainable choices instead. Not only are the other sustainable choices like stainless steel and glass safe, they last longer too. When you are going for plastic-free choices in your home and life, you are also taking a small step towards saving the planet. Right from casseroles for your dining table, food storage containers in your kitchen to lunch boxes and water bottles, stainless steel works well for all of these, and more!
  1. Do away with plastic bags: People have been incessantly using plastics in various forms. Shopping bags, carry bags, bin bags and so much more. All it takes is some thought and you can completely get rid of plastics from your lives. As a small step, when you visit the grocery store, you can carry a cloth or jute bag rather than opting for plastic bags at the counter.
  1. Carry your own containers and lunchboxes for takeaway: Why not carry your own lunchbox or containers when you are planning on a fast-food or restaurant takeaway? Not only will this help minimize the use of plastics but will also help ensure the great health benefits. Choose an insulated storage containers or tiffin box that will keep food hot for hours. A win win situation for staying away from plastics as well as for eating warm food!
  1. No plastics anywhere: Cut down on the use of straws or use stainless-steel or paper straws. Have pets at home? Remove that plastic pet bowl and opt for a stainless-steel version instead.

Even seemingly simple steps can go a long way in ensuring a healthy environment. Every step counts and that’s how together, we can make a big difference to the world we live in.