Tyffyn comes in different sizes, clearly for differently sized appetites. The containers come with copper finishes and polished stainless-steel finishes. The containers can be compartmentalized with partitions when you are looking at including variety.

A BagMat can be purchased with Vaya Tyffyn. BagMat is a bag which when unzipped transforms into a table mat that is spacious enough to place containers, cutlery and water bottle.

Vaya Tyffyn can appeal to anybody, which makes this product great for gifting in personal as well as professional settings. Birthday celebrations are a regular in most offices. Along with a lovely cake, a Vaya Tyffyn can make a co-worker’s birthday special and memorable. With a BagMat and perfectly sized containers, this lunchbox makes a great gift for a colleague or a team mate, one they will appreciate and use every day!

Many companies try hard to keep their employees motivated. This may be in the form of a lovely buffet, a surprise birthday party, or fun events. Corporate gifting is another way to let employees know that the employer cares about them. Vaya Tyffyn makes for a perfect corporate gift, which can make the employees realize how much their work is valued or bring wonderful memories to employees even after they move to another place. Companies can also choose customization on the lunch box shells, to accentuate their brand identity!

When you gift a Vaya Tyffyn, you can be sure you are gifting a nifty product that works well. Every Tyffyn is a complete package, high on functionality, convenient to use and clean and most importantly all-around fabulous. Tyffyn is great for gifting and perfect if you want to buy one for yourself!