Storing your food is as important as cooking your food. Depending on how you store food and condiments, it can last from a few hours to a few months. It can also go from being healthy to being literally toxic. The first place to start when thinking of storing your food for later is to pick the right kitchen storage container. Storage jars come in different makes, stainless-steel, plastic and glass, each having their own merits and cons. Here is a compilation that will make shopping for kitchen storage jars easier for you.

Stainless Steel  Food Jars

When picking a storage container, you can do no better than choosing stainless steel. It has everything you need in a storage container and more. First and foremost, a stainless-steel storage container is durable. It will last longer than your refrigerator, guaranteed. You can bang them up and they will still encapsulate your food and keep everything fresh and tasty. They also don’t leech toxins into your food and stop the food from sticking to the container, so you can get every last delicious morsel out of the container.

Stainless steel containers also have a lot to offer in the way of insulation. They can keep your food at the desired temperature without any problems. Double wall insulated containers are perfect for storing nuts, spices, masalas and even ready to cook and ready to serve food condiments. Additionally, they work great as on-the-go food carriers.

Plastic Food Jars

Plastic storage containers are probably the most popular types of food storage containers on the market right now. They come in a variety of colors that make them supremely fashionable. They’re also able to come in a crazy amount of different shapes and designs. If you’re a health conscious and mother earth conscious individual, you might want to rethink your choices.

Plastic jars have a lot of turnover that make them bad for the environment. Even durable plastic containers eventually hit the trash heaps, because we just associate plastic products with temporariness. If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, you should start by replacing your plastic items with more durable ones. The dark side of plastic doesn’t just end with the environment. Plastic also contains a significant amount of toxins that can leech into your food and eventually lead to some major health issues.

Glass Food Jars

Glass jars are the preferred food storage container solution for many people. They’re cute, aesthetically pleasing, don’t flavor the food, and generally keep things fresh. They have basically all of the pros of stainless-steel jars except they are way less durable. This includes hard glass jars, which can admittedly take a beating. You need to be careful while using them, cleaning them and might not have the fun of stuffing your favorite food in it and popping it into your bag, because it might break. At the end of the day, glass jars are still made of glass, and glass breaks.

Clearly, if you are planning on making a lifestyle change, keeping health as a priority, stainless-steel and glass variants are your safest bet. Shop online for stainless-steel kitchen containers here.