With the Covid-19 pandemic showing no signs of stopping or even slowing down, most people are trying to figure out how to stay focused and healthy during another quarantine. Eating healthy home cooked meals, staying hydrated , and drinking enough fluids from a water bottle, and doing small activities that keep you occupied and happy are a few things you can consciously do while staying at home. If you are looking for more ways to spend your home-quarantine, take a look at the tips given below.

What Are The Best Things To Do During A Home-Quarantine?

1. Follow A Healthy Meal Plan

eat healthy meal

Diets can be rigorous and difficult to follow but you can still eat healthily and stay fit with a proper meal plan. Meal plans during quarantine are a great way to get the necessary nutrition and since you have time to pay attention to how much you are consuming in a day, it will be easier for you to cook the right proportions and serve from insulated casseroles. A healthy meal plan should also include liquids so drink plenty of water and keep an insulated water bottle filled with juices, milkshakes, or smoothies to drink throughout the day. 

2. Do Some Gardening

do some gardening

During a home-quarantine, spend some time cultivating a garden. If you do not have enough space outside, create a small garden inside your home. All you need to do is get some houseplants like aloe vera, azalea, basil, monstera, or orchids. Pay attention to the growth of these plants and make sure that they are getting adequate water, air and sunlight. If you have space outside, then invest in nurturing a full-fledged garden. You can plant vegetables, herbs, or flowering bushes. Gardening strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, and is a great way to cure boredom which is sure to set in when you are at home for a long time. 

3. Read

read a book

It is often difficult to find time to read for pleasure, especially if you have a hectic workload. But this is a habit that you can bring back when in quarantine. Pour some warm beverages in an insulated tumbler and curl up with your favorite book or a book that you have been wanting to read. This will take your mind off mundane tasks and help you relax. 

4. Take Time For Self-Care

self care

Self-care is important even when you are at home. The pandemic has caused more anxieties in people, so it is crucial to take a step back and recover. Self-care is a way of looking after your mental health. Take a day to do whatever you please. Invest some time in a long and luxurious bath, eat some delicious food and fill up an stainless steel water bottle with your favorite drink. There are no rules in self-care so you should do anything that makes you feel good and gives you the energy to continue with work and chores from the next day.

5. Learn New Skills

learn new skills

Home-quarantine is the perfect time to learn a new skill. You can enroll in an online class and learn a new language or learn how to knit and make an elegant face mask for yourself! You can also take this time to master some culinary skills and whip up some delicacies in the kitchen! These new skills can also be a new hobby like painting or sculpting. You can also pick up some tips to tackle DIY projects at home and do minor repairs, fix torn upholstery or give the walls in your home a makeover! 

6. Clean And Organize Your Home

organise your home

After a while, the quarantine will start to feel too tiring and monotonous. Your surroundings can contribute to this, especially if your home is cluttered and unclean. So get all cleaning supplies and over a weekend, you can thoroughly clean and declutter the interiors. Organize your kitchen and polish all drinkware and serveware. Put out some fresh sheets and linens and deep clean your bathroom. Fold your clothes and place them neatly in your wardrobe. Once your home is clean and organized, you will immediately feel better and will be able to concentrate on work. 

7. Interact With Friends And Family

interact with friends

Being quarantined does not mean not keeping in touch with anybody. You can maintain physical distance, stay indoors, and still interact with family and friends. Plan a video call with your friends and catch up. Talk to your family members every day to stay updated on their situations and to let them know how you are doing. The quarantine can feel frustrating and lonely, but with the support of your friends and family, things will seem easier.

8. Workout


When you are staying at home, your body stops being as active as before and this can affect your metabolism. Create a workout routine that suits you and follow it without fail. You can start with some easy exercises or do yoga. If possible, then go for a short and brisk walk, but do not forget to put on an elegant face mask!

9. Keep A Journal

keep a journal

Writing in a journal will help you keep track of everything that you are doing. Your journal is a private space to put down your thoughts, affirmations, create routines, lists, make plans, and even practice a new hobby like painting or sketching. You can also create a gratitude log to remind yourself of all the good things even during such a trying time.

10. Join Virtual Events

virtual events

During the pandemic, when the world went into lockdown, people took to social media to interact and stay aware. There are many events and conferences still being held online. Most of these are for free and you can spend some time participating. If you are looking for interesting ways to stay busy during a home-quarantine, then check out some virtual museum tours, world tours and attend conferences, film screenings, or gallery shows on social media platforms. You will be able to find many such events that cater to your interests. 

Final Words

Home-quarantine is bound to be difficult. If you are working from home, take breaks at regular intervals. You can even have a dinner party for one and bring out all your fancy serveware and drinkware! Staying at home, especially on your own, can feel tiring but if you focus on yourself and your surroundings, you will be able to get through it.