Your body could crash faster than your computer if not hydrated well. One way to make sure you are hydrated at all times is by carrying a water bottle with you. Invest in a bottle, that will reflect your personality, and complement you perfectly whether you are dressed up for work, a workout, a fun outing, or a walk in the park!

A few pointers will help you choose a best water bottle that will suit your every-day activities and needs-

Identify the Purpose – There are as many water bottles in the market as the number of activities you can do in a day. If you can choose one water bottle for all of your activities like work, gym running, those occasional backpacking trips, and travel, then you are sorted. An attractive see-through plastic bottle will not work if you would like to carry a warm beverage to work, also, with plastic’s tendency to leach chemicals into anything it comes in contact with, it is quite an unsafe choice too! Water bottles, therefore have to be chosen with care, keeping in mind the various ways you will be using them.

Size – Water bottles come in different sizes. Look for a size that is easy to hold, carry and one that easily fits into your hand bags, backpack and laptop bags

Shape – If you drive around a lot, a bottle that will conveniently fit into your car door cup holder slot is a best option. Also, water bottles with wide mouths are comfortable both for loading and for cleaning. If you are partial towards infused drinks, with chunks of fresh fruits along with herbs or warm soups or conjee, look for a wide mouth bottle, one that is both easy to load and not a hassle to clean!

Make – If you like carrying different beverages when heading out, you need stainless steel or glass ware. Plastic bottles alter even the taste of water, are carcinogenic, and unsafe for prolonged use. Glassware are fragile and need to be handled with extra care all the time. If you are looking at usability, durability and longevity, stainless steel water bottles are the best and safest bet.

Ease of Use- There is no point in choosing a bottle you can’t use every day as it defies the whole purpose. Choose a leak-resistant bottle that is not bulky, easily fits into any bag you carry and has a wide mouth for easy loading and cleaning.

Choose an insulated steel water bottle that will morph into a slimmer, trendier version of thermos flask when you need one or into a multi-utility leak-resistant tumbler that you can use to carry your water, protein shakes, juices, soups or even conjee.

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