We give gifts to show that we care. While trying to find the right gifts for men, women or children, one begins to think about what is really useful for the person. What is it that will be used not just once but frequently?

These thoughts may lead us to the commonplace things of life, but isn’t life all about simple things that are in fact precious?

One such gifting option is the ever so humble lunch box – an everyday article that’s also essential to most people. A gift that goes beyond genders and age-groups. A gift that is directly linked to the best thing that can please a man – Food!

Here’s why a lunchbox makes a great gift –


Ultimate Utility

A lunch box finds a place in everybody’s routine. It could be carried to the workplace, school and perhaps it could even be taken on a picnic. What more can you ask for in a gift?

Not Gender Specific

Lunch boxes are great gifts for men, women, college kids and school-going children. Though there isn’t a variety of colours and designs that tiffin boxes come in, you may find something that you can settle for.

Constant Reminder

Because of its utility and its place in everyday life, a lunch box gift is sure to remind the recipient of the gift-giver. Now, that is something you look for in a gift, don’t you?


A lunch box is not a perishable product unlike a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. It is something that lasts for a long time if not forever. Depending upon the brand of your lunch box, durability could differ. So make sure that you go with quality. Also, while you are at it, choose a stainless-steel lunchbox that is a better choice than a plastic one.

Enhancing Life

A good lunch box has the capacity to change a person’s meal experience for good. The food packed could be delicious, but what if it’s not warm? Worse still, what if it leaks? So, remember to choose a good lunch box that changes the way you eat!

Insulated, leak-resistant and available in different sizes and in vibrant colors and patterns, Vaya Tyffyn makes a great gift. Also, Tyffyn comes with BagMat, a smart shoulder bag that doubles up as a table mat when you need one.