Everyone knows how it feels when your stomach isn’t doing great. Most of the time, indigestion or an upset stomach is a general health problem, and it makes you feel full even when you haven’t eaten anything. Needless to say, it takes a toll on the body. Indigestion occurs when the acid in your stomach returns to your esophagus. It is also caused when the stomach is inflamed and leads to irritation. It can cause a lot of discomforts like pain, fullness, heaviness, diarrhea, and persistent nausea when not treated well.

You cannot completely depend on medicines as they may not prove to be very helpful in the long run. Indigestion is a very common problem and has numerous causes like ulcers, overeating, acidity, stomach infections, smoking, irritable bowel syndrome, alcohol, thyroid, excess intake of spicy or fatty foods, and in some cases, even stress. It is essential to understand the condition and choose a natural remedy. Here are few home remedies you can try for indigestion to calm your tummy without side effects.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best-known cures for indigestion. If you are suffering from a digestion problem, then this one is for you. It is an excellent source of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and other minerals that can help with digestion. Vinegar is acidic in nature, thus breaking down fats and preventing acid reflux. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is responsible for relieving indigestion through its alkaline-based digestive properties. You can consume apple cider vinegar along with honey or water. Try to get it in raw, organic, and unfiltered form to make it more effective.

2. Baking Soda

baking soda

The cause of indigestion can be due to the presence of excess acid levels. Foods like onions, beans, cabbage, milk products, etc., can result in indigestion. Baking soda has sodium bicarbonate that works as an antacid to neutralize stomach acid. Sodium bicarbonates react with the excess formation of hydrochloric acid to break down the acid in your stomach. It also cleanses the digestive system relieving you from heartburn and indigestion. You can consume baking soda with water or with honey and also lemon, whichever works for you. This indigestion remedy is quite handy.

3. Ginger


Ginger has long been known for curing indigestion and is a popular ingredient in Indian households. It includes antioxidants like gingerols that are popular for curing indigestion and nausea. Its phenolic compounds are known to reduce gastric contractions and ease gastrointestinal irritation. It is also known to lessen inflammation.

4. Coriander Seeds

coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are known for their anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, relieving you from an upset stomach or indigestion and also stimulating your digestive process. Coriander contains an essential oil called urandrol that is responsible for detoxifying the liver and increasing appetite, thus curing indigestion. Consume coriander seeds infused water for a week to see the difference.

5. Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds

Fennel seeds contain certain oil compounds, including estragole and fenchone, that prevent or remove the gas from the intestinal tract. These volatile oils also aid in boosting the production of gastric juices, allowing a smooth digestive process. It also has antispasmodic properties that help in relaxing muscle cells that line the respiratory system, intestines, and stomach. You can have fennel tea or even consume the seeds with water.

6. Indian Gooseberry

indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry has several aphrodisiacs, diuretic, antibacterial, laxative, carminative, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can stimulate your digestive process, further curing heartburn, indigestion, or acidity. There are some fun recipes you can try with gooseberry, like a pickle or amle ka murabba.

7. Carom Seeds

carom seeds

Carom seeds are known to heal various digestive disorders, including acidity, indigestion, flatulence, etc. The active enzymes in carom seeds can help in boosting the digestive system by initiating gastric juices. Add these seeds to water for about a week, and you can see the difference. You can also consume carom seeds powder with water that is generally prepared to relieve gastric problems. Make a batch of carrom seed powder, store in insulated food containers so you can have it with water when you have mild indigestion symptoms.

8. Lemon water

lemon water

The alkaline effect of lemon water also improves digestion and neutralizes stomach acid. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to hot or warm water and drink a few minutes prior to eating. Along with healing indigestion, lemon water is also a great source of vitamin C. Make sure you don’t consume too much lemon water as it can wear down your tooth enamel and lead to increased urination frequency. To protect your teeth, rinse your mouth with some water after drinking it.

9. Licorice root

licorice root

Licorice root is good at calming muscle spasms and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, as both can lead to indigestion. Chewing licorice root for relief or adding it to boiling water and drinking the mixture are good options. Although it is effective in indigestion, licorice root can lead to sodium and potassium imbalances and high blood pressure when taking in large doses. Consume no more than 2.5 grams of dried licorice root a day for fast relief. Consume licorice root 30 minutes before having your food or one hour after eating for indigestion.

10. Chamomile tea

chamoile tea

Chamomile tea is popular for inducing sleep and calming anxiety. This herb can also relieve gut discomfort and heal indigestion by decreasing stomach acid in the gastrointestinal tract. Chamomile also works as an anti-inflammatory to cure pain. To prepare chamomile tea, add one or two teabags in boiling water for 10 minutes and pour it into a cup and add some honey if required. Drink the tea hot to stop indigestion. You might want to consult a doctor before drinking chamomile tea if you are on blood-thinning medication. Chamomile consists of an ingredient that acts as an anticoagulant, so there is the risk of bleeding when combined with a blood thinner.


Stomach discomfort can disrupt your life, but it doesn’t have to. Resorting to these home remedies can prove to be beneficial to quite an extent. If it gets too much or too frequent, you must consult a doctor to diagnose any hidden health conditions. A happy stomach is a happy you!