An immediate energy booster, a cup of coffee is the most vital thing in the morning for millions of people worldwide. The intoxicating aroma of beans, relished straight up or paired with milk and sugar into a foamy mixture and sipped warm from an insulated tumbler, makes for a wonderful start to the day.

Coffee is not just a beverage but almost a ritual for most people. There is a considerable amount of skills needed to master the perfect cup of coffee, right from obtaining the beans and grinding them to brewing. But for those who love coffee and don’t have the time to dedicate preparing the beverage from scratch, there’s instant coffee to your rescue. While coffee connoisseurs might dismiss it as lacking flavor, for others, it might be the next best thing.

The monsoon season, with its earthy smell and beautiful drizzles, gives the coffee a heady twist. Make sure you store the coffee in a flask to keep the taste and temperature intact. Here are few coffee recipe ideas for the monsoon!

1. Cappuccino


Why do you even want to go out and buy a cup of cappuccino? Make your very own cup of coffee at home in the morning and kickstart your day. Heat the milk in a saucepan and a cinnamon stick just until the milk comes to a boil. Turn down the heat and allow the milk to simmer for few minutes. Take out the cinnamon stick from the heated milk, pour 1/2 cup of coffee in the cup, and add some sugar. Now pour the hot milk, raising it high. Sprinkle ground cinnamon and serve hot.

2. Cold Coffee

cold coffee

A classic cold coffee is refreshing, chilled, and has a perfect buzz of coffee. All you need is a couple of ingredients and a blender to whip up this amazing drink. Take a little espresso, crushed ice, condensed milk, and a cup of regular milk. Add them all to a blender and blend it for a few minutes and serve chilled. You are indeed allowed to have chilled drinks from an insulated tumbler during monsoons. Not every day is a rainy day.

3. Filter Coffee

filter coffee

This recipe is a native of South India. This famous coffee recipe is filtered through a perforated container, and mixed with some milk, and served foamy. Add coffee powder to the perforated container that comes on top and place the container on the lower container. Boil the water and immediately pour over the powder. Place the press over it, cover, and allow it to drip into the lower container. After the entire solution has drained into the lower container, heat the milk and mix it into the solution. Add sugar and serve hot.

4. Irish Coffee

irish coffee

Irish coffee is an intoxicating combination of sweet, whisky-laced coffee served with some softly whipped cream. It is simple, indulgent, and delicious. Fill a tall glass with hot boiling water, leave to stand, and then throw away the water. Whip the cream until all the bubbles disappear and it starts to thicken and form ribbons under the whisk. Place it in the refrigerator and dissolve the sugar in a little hot water in a small pan and allow it to boil. Add freshly brewed rich coffee and stir well. Then remove it from the heat and stir in the whisky. Pour the mixture of whisky, coffee, and sugar into the bottom of the pre-heated glass. Remove the cold cream from the fridge, whisk again, and then pour it on the back of a spoon until you hit the rim of the glass. Grate some nutmeg over the top and serve immediately.

5. Iced Coffee

iced coffee

This coffee with a layer of flavors like rum/liqueur, nutmeg, coffee, and ice cream, topped off with coffee ice cubes, is just what you should try on a weekend morning! Freeze a tray of ice cubes with a small amount of the coffee brew. Blend the remaining brew with milk, nutmeg, and rum until it turns frothy. Pour the coffee over the ice cubes and top it off with ice cream and a dusting of cocoa.

6. Spiced Coffee

spiced coffee

Whip up a cup of coffee prepared with ginger and aromatic cardamom. This recipe is a healthy and healing version packed with fresh flavors. Combine ginger, coffee, and 1 1/2 tsp cardamom powder. Brew it in 1 liter of water. Heat milk and sugar until boiling point. Pour in the hot coffee along with the milk. Whip together cream and 1/2 tsp cardamom powder. Spoon over the coffee. Serve with some grated chocolate on the top.

7. Mocha Cooler

mocha cooler

For all coffee lovers, this is a scrumptious cooler made with the flavors of strong black coffee, cream, and chocolate ice cream. Heavenly! Dissolve the chocolate in hot coffee. Pour in milk. Chill. Whisk in cream. Pour over ice cream in the glasses. Serve immediately.

8. Instant Coffee

instant coffee

This kind of refreshing cup of coffee can be made in a jiffy. It can be your morning fix as it can be prepared in just five minutes and with just four ingredients. Mix a teaspoon of instant coffee with a cup of hot water or hot water and milk. Serve hot with the required amount of sugar.

9. Dalgona Coffee

dalgona coffee

This easy whipped coffee recipe is simple enough to prepare at home. This frothy drink, also known as dalgona coffee, might just become your new favorite caffeine kick. Whisk the coffee, sugar, and boiling water in a bowl for about 5 mins until the mixture turns thick and fluffy with stiff peaks. This is done easily using an electric whisk but can be done by hand. For a hot cup, heat the milk and pour it into two heatproof glasses. For cold coffee, add the cold milk to a glass. Add the coffee mixture and spoon evenly on top of the glasses. Serve and stir well before drinking.

10. Iced Latte

iced latte

This iced latte is a great way to cool off. This simple drink only needs few ingredients and is perfect for a hot weather caffeine shot. Mix the hot espresso with some sugar until it dissolves. Fill a glass with some ice and stir in the sweetened coffee. Pour over the milk and stir until it blends well together.


Go on, grab your dose of caffeine and start your day on a great note. The best part is that you can always experiment with different flavors to craft a refreshing drink whenever you wish. If you live on caffeine, then having the same flavor every day might get boring. So, these recipe ideas are bound to take your caffeine game to another level.