The word Bento is derived from biàndāng, an archaic Chinese term that translates to ‘convenience’. And that’s exactly what a bento offers—a convenient way to pack and carry food to have on the go. A bento meal comprises rice/noodles, salad, meat, fruit, and egg arranged aesthetically in boxes, which are in turn arranged within a bigger box.

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In Japan, it is the norm among mothers to ensure that they pack meals in a (bento) lunch box for their children, which are not only balanced and nutritious, but also look aesthetic and taste great! This called for some artistic capabilities and top-notch food-styling skills. Packing food in a bento is quite a task, and therefore, mothers usually prepare meals the previous overnight, so that they have time to style and arrange food in a bento the next day. Traditional bento meals also include garnished onigri (cooked rice shaped into triangles) and sushi wrapped in toasted nori–an edible seaweed that is also used as a garnish for soups and noodles.


Other props that may be used to pack food in a bento include toothpicks, muffin paper liners, lettuce leaves, etc. For more detailing, one may also make use of cookie cutters, glazing brushes and plastic wraps. Food packed in a bento is all sorts of amazing—it is nutritious, tastes good, and of course looks absolutely droolworthy!

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Meals do not have to look good only in bento boxes! You can also style your meals in a Vaya Tyffyn, an insulated lunch box using container partitions that come as part of the package. The premium lunchboxes come in attractive themes and colours suitable for various occasions and settings, such as school, work, picnics, travel etc. Are you ready to get artistic and pack food that not only tastes great, but also looks wonderful in just as great a tiffin box?!