Who said that workouts are always going to be boring? Well, there is a slight chance that they can if you have a morning routine because who wants to wake up at 6 am every day just to shed some calories. That is literally painful from both ends. But the lockdown has turned out to be a mess for our bodies as every other house gave birth to a quarantine chef setting up half a dozen casseroles and dishes on the dining table. Since food is a more significant addiction and will always have the priority, you must at least make an effort towards being fit and back in shape, slowly and steadily. If you are already feeling lazy about your morning workout, then here are a few tips that you can welcome into your routine to make it fun and productive. 

Here Are A Few Tips To Jazz Up Your Morning Workouts

1. Play Some Music

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Workouts can be incredibly dull if you just have to move your body and scream in pain after a muscle cramp. If you want to make sure that you do not give up on your habit of these early morning workouts, then make sure that you do something fun with it. What better than creating a pumped-up playlist that you can play as you start exercising? A little rhythm will not only help you move your body, but it will also stop making you feel drowsy! 

2. Make A Pre Workout Drink and Carry it in an Insulated Water Bottle

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Waking up early can make you very fussy, and since you cannot have your morning cup of tea or coffee, you will be an extra scoop of fussy. So, how about making some tasty protein shake in a sipper bottle or a simple fruit juice in an insulated water bottle to kickstart your workouts and your mornings as well? You can make some banana walnut shake which is rich in protein, and store it in a flask or an insulated water bottle. Sip it right before you start your warm-up!

3. Try Different Warm-Ups

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The same warm-up routine can make your exercise routine very monotonous. How long can you keep on doing the same crunches and pushups during your workout? So, create a low energy warm-up routine that you can perform right before you start your workout. Try to use the skipping rope or maybe even a hula-hoop ring, for that matter. You can also play some music and perhaps just groove to the tunes of it. Just remember to make it fun and easy going since you are also supposed to finish the complete workout. 

4. Treat Yourself To A Tasty But Nutritious Breakfast

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If you just keep on exercising with hopes of coming back in shape, then there is a thin line that will always stop you. You need always to have a nutritious breakfast once you are done with your workout to properly replenish all the energy cells. After all, you are not really planning to give up on all your work that you are supposed to do throughout the day once you are done with the workout. Are you? Cook some millet dosa or some healthy upma and have it fresh from a casserole!

5. Go For A Run/ Swim

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Workouts can go bland if you keep on torturing your body every single day with squats, lunges and more. So, on days when you feel like you are trying to step back from your morning routine, then just get a grip on yourself, pack your bag with some chilled beverage in your insulated water bottle and head straight for a swim. You can also alternatively designate a day for a run if you feel like stepping out in the sun. 

6. Introduce Cheat Meals

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You should reward yourself every other week or when you reach your target for the month successfully. Get yourself a day off and cook a cheat meal for yourself to make your heart very, very happy!

7. Do It With A Friend

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If you do not feel like working out alone on one fine morning or if it is just an everyday thing, then do not hesitate, call your friend and set up a convenient time so that both of you can start your morning workouts swiftly. Ultimately, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Help yourself and your friend to be fit and fine and everything nice as you start with your fitness regime. 

8. Track Your Growth

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Have you ever tried using a fitness tracker? A fitness tracker is a device that helps you regulate or keep an eye on the number of steps that you took, the number of calories that you burnt and the amount of time that you spent while working out. It also presents the heart rate or heart points on the screen as well. The fitness tracker can also work as a great motivation and push yourself to do your workouts with even more enthusiasm! 

9. Go Out

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On days that you do not feel like working out in the vicinity of your house’s living space, you should try changing the environment. You can just roll up your yoga mat and walk towards the garden. Some fresh air in the morning along with some exercise can be a great way to kickstart all your mornings. So, never skip a day and whenever you feel like you are about to give up, just go out. 

10. New Exercises

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Make it a point to experiment with all the exercise routines that you follow constantly. Try out some online workout routines and combinations if you want to try something different. If you have already started enjoying the morning workouts, then maybe it is time for you to try some aerobics or Zumba. In that way, you can shed your calories, listen to some music and also start an energetic morning! 

Final Statement

These are a few ways that you can get back to exercising and living a healthy life. Never forget to carry your gym sipper with some water wherever you decide to go for a workout. So are you ready to create a difference in your life by keeping your health first before anything else?