If you have ever had a job that begins at night or have long working hours, then you know it can really take a toll on your health. Humans are used to rise and set with the sun, so it is not a surprise that forcibly flipping your schedule isn’t exactly easy. It actually can present you with some pretty significant health problems if it is not handled properly.

When you work the night shift, you need to invest extra time and energy in managing your health. This includes everything from managing and regulating your weight, to making sure you don’t come down with a cold or flu. You don’t have to let the night shift get you down or set you back. Read below to see some great hacks for surviving the night shift.

Hacks for dealing with the night shift

  1. Cover your eyes from the sun
    The most important thing to do when you’re working night shifts is to mind your biological clock. When you work unorthodox shifts and your clock gets off time, it can lead to some serious sleep deprivation. Wear dark sunglasses when you leave your job in the morning so that your body will be able to fool itself into believing it is night time.
  2. Fashion a couple sleep triggers
    If you make it a habit to do the same actions an hour before bed time, you will create a sleep trigger. A sleep trigger is an action that triggers your brain to initiate sleep time protocols. Anything can be a sleep trigger so long as you can make it a habit. Try reading before bed, writing in a journal, listening to relaxing music, etc. Once you are used to a routine, then follow it simply everyday so your biological clock is used to your sleep time routine.
  3. Plan your meals
    When you’re playing it fast and loose with time and eventually fatigue, your diet becomes your anchor. Keeping hydrated when you are working all night is mandatory. Carry a water bottle with you and make sure you take sips of water while you are working. If you make healthy and balanced meals you will not only keep your biological clock on time, but it will also keep your body feeling good and healthy. Plan your meals well ahead, a wholesome nutritious meal that you can carry in a smart tiffin box. This will help you work the night shift for a long time to come.

Invest in good sun glasses, a hobby that is relaxing and alleviates your stress and on an insulated lunchbox and water bottle. Try a few techniques to understand what will work best for you to cope with working nights. Planning ahead and a few hacks at hand are all you need to get through those night shifts.