Vaya Corporate Gifting

Vaya - Tyffyn

Great Lunch, Courtesy You!

Join hands with Vaya Tyffyn and let your clients, partners and employees enjoy a fresh and warm meal everyday as they carry your brand along, wherever they go.

Your brand. Our Technology

A fulfilling lunch break does wonders to productivity, Gift your team the new-age lunchbox with VacuTherm Technology and watch them enjoy their work as much they enjoy their meal.

Latch branding – We can etch your brand identity through laser technology on our latches!

Latch branding is done for a minimum order quantity of 25 Vaya Tyffyns

Vaya Tyffyn - Your brand. Our Technology

Logos & designs for visual representation only

Customizable Skins

Let your brand grab eyeballs. Change Vaya Tyffyn’s shell design to match your brand identity. Give your partners & workforce a gift they will cherish for life.

Shell branding is done for a minimum order quantity of 100 Vaya Tyffyns.


Logos & designs for visual representation only

The recipe to happiness

Everybody deserves a warm & fresh meal.

So do you and everyone you know.

Take a delicious lunch break!

India’s style statement!

People love showing off their Vaya Tyffyn. Join the bandwagon. Give Vaya Tyffyn your identity and make your workplace all the more stylish!