Tyffyn Inner Containers

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For all delicious occasions

For Your Tyffyn

Use these containers as spare inner containers for your Tyffyn 600 or Tyffyn 1000 (Tyffyn not included).


For Your Snacks

These containers come with leak resistant lids and partitions, so they are also perfect for a portable snack box while on the go.


Which Is Right for My Tyffyn?


Product Specifications

Height: 4.5 cms (300 ml) or 5.5 cms (400ml)
Minor diameter: 10 cms
Major diameter: 14.5 cms

Tyffyn inner container: Copper finished stainless steel
Lid Base, lids and handle: FDA approved BPA-free plastic
Packaging: Cardboard

Warranty: 1 Year
Shipping: Within 6 Hours
Delivery: Within 5 to 7 days of shipping
Delivery only in India

What’s In The Box

Two inner containers of capacity 300 ml
OR Two inner containers of capacity 300 ml and one inner container of 400ml
Partitions for each container
Easy-grip plastic lid for each container

Choose Your Container Package

690990 inc. tax

690990 inc. tax

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