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Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Gold



  • Gold
  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Black



  • Black
  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Purple



  • Purple
  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Blue



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  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Silver



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  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Red



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  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Cool Grey

    Cool Grey


  • Cool Grey
  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Winter Mint

    Winter Mint


  • Winter Mint
  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Lilac Love

    Lilac Love


  • Lilac Love
  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Coral Crush

    Coral Crush


  • Coral Crush
  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Cool Cyan

    Cool Cyan


  • Cool Cyan
  • Vaya Pop Cup - 250 ml - Scarlet Sun

    Scarlet Sun


  • Scarlet Sun
  • Pop Cup

    Sipping, improved

    • Vacuum Insulation keeps your
      drink hot or cold for 5 Hours.
    • Double-walled, high-quality
      Stainless Steel body.
    • Pattern for easy grip.
    • Orifice for sipping.
    • Grip area for easy lid removal.
    Pop Cup with lid

    Hot n Cool Cup with Lid

    Vaya POPCUP is a double-walled, stainless steel cup with a lid. Vacuum Insulated keeps the beverage of your choice 5 Hours Hot or 5 Hours Cold.

    Pop Cup - Sip with Swag

    Sip with Swag

    Love your latte? Don't leave it behind. Take it in a Vaya POPCUP and sip along as you go places. Want to just chill on the couch with your favourite cold drink? POPCUP's the perfect choice!

    Pop Cup - Serve in style

    Serve in Style

    Watch your guests go gaga as you serve them your signature, home-made drink in Vaya POPCUP, the uber-cool, double-walled stainless steel cups in a plethora of hues. Pick a pack of 2, 4 and make your party a hit with friends and family !

    PopCup - Serveware Pop

    Let your Serveware Pop

    Add a pop of colour to your serveware. Switch to Vaya POPCUP, the stainless steel cup with lid that will make your home-made beverages not only taste but also look great!

    Popcup - A Colour for Every Mood

    A Colour for Every Mood

    Vaya POPCUP comes in twelve colours for you to choose from. Go with Solid Matte Black or Glossy Cool Grey if you are a minimalist. If you prefer colour, take your pick from a metallic blue, purple, gold or silver!

    PopCup - Personalize your POPCUP

    Personalize your POPCUP

    Gift a POPCUP to your loved ones with their names on it! Or make your POPCUP all yours by etching your name on the lid!Just give us the name and well have your POPCUP personalize just for you!

    PopCup - Serve like a Connoisseur

    Serve like a Connoisseur

    Handcrafted in jet black leather, Vaya LUXETRAY is made with greatest care by skilled craftsmen.LUXETRAY'S interior in dark brown is coated with water-resisting material. LUXETRAY pairs well with Vaya POPCUP,but it can also be used with any other serveware

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    PopCup - A versatile tumbler for your coffee, juice and beverages of your choice!

    Won't it be great if you had tumblers, that can actually keep your beverages hot or cold for up to 5 hours? Well, Vaya POPCUP just does that, and incredibly well too! Show more

    Breaking away from the stereotype steel tumblers people are used to, POPCUP, the range of insulated serving tumblers from Vaya, are breathtaking in design, look and functionality. With a flat circular base, a slim body and a lid that comes with an orifice for comfortable sipping, POPCUP is a tumbler, that is both high on style and utility! These tumbler glasses are not limited to just hot coffee or water, but can be used to serve iced tea, a fruit infused drink or even smoothies.

    The word tumbler dates back to the mid-17th century. Interestingly, tumblers have been evolving since then, with changes in sizes, shapes, make and functionality! And, now is the time of Vaya POPCUP, which is an upgraded version of your stainless-steel tumbler. This insulated tumbler does everything your regular tumbler does, and more in a smart way!

    Insulated Tumbler for Your Hot Coffee and Cold Juices

    With VacuTherm insulation, POPCUP is perfect to keep your beverages hot or cold for up to 5 hours. Now, you don't have to worry about your steaming-hot chai turning cold before you finish it or your chilled juice not being ice-cold anymore when you finish your call and get back to it!

    Burning your fingers while holding a mug of scorching-hot coffee? Well, not anymore! Double walled, Vaya's insulated steel cups are perfect for comfortably holding your steaming hot coffee. Holding a glass of cold juice is easier too, as there is no condensation on the exterior (yes, it's a sweat-free tumbler), and hence no chance of the tumbler slipping from your hands! Wide mouthed, POPCUP is easy to clean. Also, adding ice cubed to your chilled drinks is easier! With lids that fit perfectly, the cups are great to take with you when you get out of your house for a walk, shopping or even for your takeaway coffees! In a perfect size so you can enjoy a tall glass of fresh-fruit juice or a cup of latte, it also fits comfortably in your car cup holders.

    Available in vibrant colors and in sets, POPCUP is perfect for that chai or coffee on your work desk, for a warm beverage in the balcony or terrace with your family, for a chilled drink or juice in your parties and get togethers; and for your soups and smoothies on your bedside table when you are not in mood for a meal!

    Take Your Insulated Tumbler Everywhere You Go

    Whether you are commuting to work, having a meeting that is not ending any time soon, or taking a road trip, this elegant stainless-steel tumbler perfectly fits in your routine. Just make your favorite beverage and leave it to POPCUP to keep it the way you like it, hot or cold!

    Love sipping a drink on your desk? With many brands like Tupperware and Milton bringing to the market tumblers that are portable and easily washable, having a cup of tea on your desk has become easier! Vaya POPCUP is perfect for your hot tea, cold coffee and even your fruit infused water. POPCUP makes a great work desk buddy. Buy a set of 4, and help your friends and loved ones have a drink by their side, so they are hydrated at work too! Also, you can get the cups personalized with names on the lids so every one in your team knows which cup is theirs!

    Coffee and tea are meant to be drunk fresh as soon as they are brewed, right away, but when you can't, the next best thing to do is to carry it in an insulated tumbler like POPCUP. Use the tumbler as your coffee mug, simply because a hot coffee on the go is never less appealing!

    Soak up the sun or enjoy the breeze with a drink that makes you go all warm and fuzzy inside! Hot chocolate, latte or your lemon tea, carry it in your POPCUP when you get out of your home, so you can enjoy warm sips all through your ride.

    POPCUP - The Stunning Serving Tumbler that reflects your Lifestyle

    Just like the beverages and drinks have evolved over the years, so has the traditional Indian tumbler! Every Indian household uses steel tumblers, for serving chai or coffee, or even sharbat and Rooh Afza. Somewhere down the lane, the households slowly moved towards glass and ceramic versions. Well, it's now time to upgrade your serving tumblers, get used to the cool and colorful POPCUPs from Vaya.

    Organizing a party or get-together? Squashes, juices or mocktails, serve them all in these tumbler cups that are perfect to add color and excitement to any party. With double walled insulation, these stainless-steel tumblers with lids are perfect to serve even your parfaits and ice cream-based cocktails.

    It could be a challenge to coordinate the right kind of glass for the drinks when you are setting up a table. Why not choose a serving tumbler, that can be used as a water glass, a cocktail glass or a coffee thermos as well? POPCUP is smart and sophisticated, more attractive (it comes in 12 cool colors that you will love) than your other serving cups and tumblers, and comes with an additional advantage of insulation. Your regular espresso, or an exotic drink to celebrate an occasion, jazz up the whole experience with a POPCUP from Vaya.

    Why settle for less when it comes to everyday experiences?

    Any drink you make, all you need to make it look more appealing is use the right kind of serving tumblers. Not just special occasions, your everyday beverages also need an ounce of special, why not make everything pop with Vaya POPCUP? Get these insulated tumblers in elegant hues at today! Show less