Yes, it is time to get rid of your plastic water bottle. No, there is no reason to keep it, if it doesn’t sport a BPA-free label. Yes, there are better alternatives out there. The truth is that plastic water bottles that are not BPA-free are not only dangerous, they lack other very real advantages that some other water bottles have, especially stainless steel water bottles. Stainless steel is hands down the best material to make water bottles out of, because stainless steel treats your water bottle the best.

What Makes Stainless Water Bottles So Amazing?

1. Protects the Environment

The best reason to ditch the plastic water bottle and upgrade to stainless steel is to protect the environment. Our planet is definitely experiencing a moment of crisis. Everyone has to participate in reducing their carbon footprint. Steel can be recycled much easier than plastic which can go a long way to lowering your carbon footprint.

2. Is Very Durable

A stainless-steel water bottle’s durability is also much higher than your typical plastic water bottle, even the hard plastic kinds. Steel just has more durability than plastic overall. The extra durability also means that less energy is used in the stainless steel manufacturing process than the plastic process, since we are making less steel water bottles over all. If you pay attention to the bottle you’re choosing and treat it well, there is a legitimate chance that you will only have to buy a few stainless-steel water bottles for a very long time.

3. Does Not Contaminate Its Contents

The scary thing about plastic water bottles is that they could be made with BPA. The plasticizers like BPA are what make the plastic pliable or firm, but they can also be toxic. Your plastic water bottle will eventually bleed its plasticizers into your water, thereby, contaminating them. Avoid having any unnecessary worries about what might be spilling into your water by making the upgrade to stainless steel or a BPA-free water bottle.

4. Keeps Your Water Insulated

Another reason to get down with the stainless-steel water bottle is that these are insulated. The ability to insulate water is one of the most important aspects of any water bottle. When your bottle is insulated, you can carry your comforting warm or cold beverages with you. Won’t it be nice to carry a cold drink or water with you on a scorching summer day?

Switch to a BPA-free, stainless -steel Vaya Drynk today! Not only are they safe and durable, they also come in vibrant colors and attractive patterns. With summer fast approaching, an insulated water bottle is all you need to soak up the sun and yet be hydrated and supercharged!